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3 Priests Confess Their Greatest Sins

One of the priests said,

“Sometimes it feels like such a burden to always be the one who listens to other people’s problems.

I can only talk about my sins with the bishop, and he just visits once a year…”

The others nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, one of them said, “Wait a minute, we can forgive other people’s sins,

Why don’t we just confess to each other?”

The others were hesitant at this proposition, but eventually one of them said,

“My brothers,

I have a great sin to confess:

I am an incurable gambler, and sometimes.

I steal money from the alms box…”

The others were taken aback by this, but forgave their fellow priest.

The next one said, “Brother, your sin is nothing compared to mine.

I’m a lecherous womanizer!

There’s not a woman between 18 and 85 in my congregation that I haven’t been with!”

The others were surprised, but still forgave their fellow priest.

The third priest, who was 90 years old, was unwilling to confess his greatest sin.

After some coaxing, he finally said, “Okay then.

My brothers, I am a notorious tattletale.

I can never seem to keep my mouth shut.


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