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Clean Jokes

500 Bricks On A Plane

Q: There are 500 bricks on a plane.

One falls off.

How many are left?

A: 499.

Q: What are the three steps to putting an elephant in the fridge?

A: Open door, put elephant in, close door.

Q: What are the 4 steps to putting a giraffe in the fridge?

A: Open door, take elephant out, put giraffe in, close door.

Q: The Lion King is having a birthday party.

All the animals attend but one.

Which animal is it, and why?

A: Giraffe.

He is stuck in a fridge.

Q: Sally wants to cross an alligator infested river.

There’s no bridge and the only way she can get across is by swimming.

She swims across and makes it to the other side safely.


A: The alligators are all at a birthday party.

Q: Sally dies anyways.


A: She got hit in the head by a flying brick.


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