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Does This Look Like Mango Juice

Psycologists say that there is one thing humans can never get right.

Hear someone on the phone and portray them exactly how they are.

So a guy dials a wrong number and a girl picks up.
Now from her voice he starts to think that this girls is very pretty.

So he starts chatting with her about random stuff and they agree to meet.

Guy: Where do you wanna meet?

Girl: We’ll meet at the juice place.

Guy: Ok but how am I gonna recognize you?

Girl: I’ll be wearing *this* outfit.

Guy: Ok

Girl: How am I gonna recognize you?

Guy: I will be holding a glass of Mango juice

Girl: Ok. What time?

Guy 12 o’clock.

Girl: Ok. 12 o’clock it is.

So the guy goes to the juice place a little before 12 and asks the bartender, ”get me a Mango juice”

Bartender: Sorry Sir but we don’t have Mango juice today.

Guy: O’ come on give me an Orange juice then

Bartender: Sorry sir but we don’t have that either.

Guy: Okay give me something that looks like orange/yellow in colour

Bartender: Sir, we have Lemonade.

Guy: Lemonade? Yeah that will work

So he hold the glass of lemonade waiting for the girl.

She enters the place and the guy quickly recognizes her from the dress and says to himself, ”She ain’t pretty”

So he, you know, tries to ignore her.

She comes up to him and says, ”Are you Chris?”

Guy: Excuse me? Chris? No

Girl recognizes his voice: Yes you are.

Guy: No I am no Chris

Girl: Yes you are. We talked on phone. You said we’ll meet at this place.

Guy: Whats the matter with you woman? Does this look like Mango juice to you?


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