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Clean Jokes

Four People Are All Riding In A Train

An old guy, a young man, an old woman, and a young woman are all riding on a train.

The two women were facing the two guys in the same compartment.

As the train was going crossing the countryside, it enters a tunnel, and everything becomes dark.

While in the tunnel, you hear a KISS then a SMACK.

When the train leaves the tunnel, the young guy is rubbing his face as if he was smacked.

The old lady thinks: “He must’ve tried to kiss the young lady and needed up getting smacked.”

The young lady thinks: “He must’ve tried kissing me and ended up kissing the old lady and she smacked him.”

The young guy thinks: “The old guy must’ve tried to kiss the old lady and she tried to hit him but hit me by accident.”

The old guy thinks: “On the next tunnel, I am going to kiss my hand again and smack the young guy again.


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