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Clean Jokes

Tennis Elbow

Johns tennis elbow was hurting one morning so he decided to go see the doctor.

When he gets to the office he is asked to take a urine test.

He complains about it but finally does it anyway.

About 15 minutes later the doctor called him into the examination room.

“Hey John, that tennis elbow is hurting?” Doctor asked.

“Oh, the receptionist told you about it”? Asked John.

The doctor says “No, no not at all.

I bought a new urinalysis machine and it tells me everything.”

“That’s bullshit” says John.

The doctor assures him that it’s true and tells him to take some med and come back in two weeks with another urine sample.

The receptionist give John a specimen cup before he leaves.

Two weeks later John is getting ready to see the doctor but after telling his family about this bullshit machine they decide to play a joke with the old doctor.

John pisses in the cup and so does his wife and teen age daughter, then he jacks off into it.

As he is in the garage he puts a couple drops of oil from his dip stick into the cup and then shakes everything up.


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