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Clean Jokes

Two drunks are talking in a bar

Two drunks are talking in a bar…

The first one says “You know what’s weird about city hall? When they built it they didn’t take into account wind loads. We get so much wind here the top floor rocks back and forth 20 feet”

The second one says “yeah, but because of that wind you can jump off the roof of the building across the street, and the wind will catch you and blow you right back to the top.”

“Bullshit! You’re having me on.”

“It’s true!”

They argue back and forth for a while until the second drunk slams down his glass and says “I’ll prove it.”

They stagger across the street to the other building and climb the stairs to the roof.

Second drunk: “Watch!”

Before the first drunk can stop him, he jumps off the roof.
He plunges several storeys but then – swoosh! – he soars right back up and drops gracefully back onto the roof.

The first drunk stand there, his mouth hanging open in amazement.
“I’ve gotta try this!” He leaps off the building,plunges, and… splat.

The second drunk shrugs and goes back to the bar.

As he walks in alone, with a crowd gathering around the body of the first drunk across the street, the bartender looks at him and shakes his head.

“You make a mean drunk, Superman.”


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