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Funny Jokes

American, Indian And A Russian

An American, an Indian, and a Russian end up in Hell and plead to the devil that they don’t belong here.

The devil, bored, makes them an offer:

“I will strike you 3 times with my whip, and if you survive,

I’ll let you go. You can use anything you want as a shield”

The American goes first.

He builds a high-tech shield from depleted uranium and composites, and hides behind it.

The Devil strikes once – the shield cracks; twice – the shield falls apart; thrice – the American is no more.

Next goes the Indian.

He puts himself in some advanced Yoga position and goes into deep hibernation.

The Devil strikes once – nothing; twice – the Indian shivers a bit; thrice – the Indian grunts, but lives.

The Devil is amazed and tells him he’s free to go.

The Indian asks, “May I stay and watch?

In all jokes the Russians somehow come out on top.

I want to see how he will do it this time”.

The Devil nods and turns to the Russian:

“So, what will you use as a shield?”

The Russian replies, “The Indian, of course”.


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