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Pigs Have Needs Too

After three crop failures in a row farmer Jones could not pay his loan at the bank.

“Give me one more chance he pleaded. Don’t take my farm, we’ll be broke and homeless.”

The bank manager comes up with an idea.

“OK, one more chance but not with crops.

No one fails at pig farming so we’ll finance the purchase of five sows to start you off.

Your neighbor down the road has a boar pig and you’ll have to take your sows to him so the boar can service them.

In a few months you should have a bunch of little piglets all ready for market.”

Farmer Jones collects the five sows, loads them into his pickup truck, drives to his neighbor and unloads the five sows into the boar’s pen.

They then go back to the farm house and have a couple of beers.

When enough time has passed they go back to the boar’s pen and load five happy sows into the pickup.

Farmer Jones asks, “What if it didn’t take?”

“That never happens with my boar,” replies the neighbor.

“But how can I tell for sure?”

“Look, tomorrow morning observe your sows. If they’re rolling in the mud, it took, if they’re on the grass, call me.”

The following morning farmer Jones observed his sows strolling on the grass.

He calls his neighbor who instructs him to bring them back.

He rounds them up, loads them into the pickup and drives to the boar’spen where the whole process is repeated.

Unlucky farmer Jones has to load them in the pickup and take them back four times.

On the fifth morning he is so worried he can’t look.

He stalls for half an hour then asks his wife to look.

“I hope they’re not on the grass, dear.”

“Well they’re not,” says his wife.

“Oh finally, then they’re rolling in the mud!” exclaimed the farmer.


“Well what are those fool sows doing?

“Well, four are trying to climb into the pickup and the fifth managed to climb into the cab and is trying to honk the horn!!!”


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