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The Helpful Neighbor

I’ve lived a few years in my home, and the pretty neighbor next door and I always flirted with each other, despite her being married.

One day, when speaking to her husband, he said: “I need to have my apartment painted, but I work all day and I get tired.

I tried to hire a professional painter but the guy asked me for the an arm and a leg…” At that moment, I just had a brilliant idea.

“Don’t sweat it, neighbor! I’m on vacation and painting walls is my favorite hobby! It would be a pleasure to do this task.”

The husband accepted the offer gladly.

I don’t want to brag about my conversation skills, but I barely started to paint the apartment and I already had that woman in bed with me.

But, bad luck… We were just starting and I did not expect the husband to forget his documents and that, for that reason, he had to return home at that specific moment.

The neighbor, listening to her husband opening the door, runs to the bathroom, and the guy enters the room and finds me, undressed, at the top of the ladder, with my brush on the wall, painting.

Screaming, he shouts at me:

“What the heck is this? You started painting in my bedroom, and undressed?”

“Hey buddy, I’m working for free, so I start wherever I want!”

“But undressed?” “You really wanted me to stain my new clothes with paint?”

“And with a boner, you bastard?”

“And just where am I going to hang the darn bucket!?!”


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