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Two English butchers

Two English butchers, who hated each other, were doing business across the street from each other for ten years.

For the full ten years they always competed for the other’s business.

One butcher would put up a sign reading, “Sirloin: £2.50 a pound” and the other would put up a sign “Sirloin: £2 a pound.”

The first would put up a sign reading, “Whole pork loin: £1.85 a pound” and the second would, again, under-price him.

This went on for the full ten years; back and forth, back and forth.

One day the first butcher got a bright idea.

Instead of advertising his prices he placed a professionally painted sign reading, “The Queen buys all her meats here.”

The next day another professionally painted sign appeared in the window of the butcher shop across the street which read, “God save the Queen.”


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