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Funny Jokes

Uncle Jim

My uncle Jim is getting older, and he’s having trouble with his memory.

So he went to his doctor, and he started taking these pills to help his memory.

“Hey Uncle Jim,” I said, “what are those memory pills you’re taking called?”

“Ahhhh…um….hmmm” he took a second,

“Hmmmm…hold on let me think ermmmm…’s….daisy?

No that’s not it….it’s petunia?, let me remember….”

“Well is it like….Tulip?” I suggested?

“No, no. That’s not it…some type of flower I think”

“Is it rose?” I asked,

“Yes, Rose! That’s it!” He exclaimed.

Then he leaned his head towards the doorway….“Hey Rose! What’s the name of those new memory pills?”


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