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A man calls his house

A man calls his house to ask his wife a question. A little girl picks up the phone.

“Hi honey, can you put your mom on the phone?”

“I can’t, she’s upstairs with Uncle Roger”

“You don’t have an Uncle Roger”

“Yes I do. He’s upstairs with mommy in the bedroom.”

Getting angry, the guy keeps his voice calm and says, “Okay honey, this is what I want you to do.
Go upstairs and knock on the bedroom door. Tell mommy that my car just pulled into the driveway”.

3 minutes pass and the little girl gets on the phone again.
“Daddy, I did what you said and mommy and uncle Roger started yelling and running around the room.
Uncle Roger jumped out of the bedroom window into the front yard and I think he broke his leg!
And mommy jumped out of the other window into the backyard.
I think she was going for the swimming pool but she forgot you drained the swimming pool last weekend to clean it, and I think she’s dead!”

The man pauses for a minute and says “Swimming pool? Is this 555-0124?”


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