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A priest is walking down the river

A priest is walking down the river one day

As he is strolling along he sees one of his parishioners fighting to land a fish.

The priest jumps in to help land what they discover is a very large trout.

“Will you look at the size of that son of a bitch!” says the parishioner to which the priest is quick to chastise him for his bad language.

Thinking quickly the parishioner explains that this type of fish is actually called a son of a bitch and for penance he gives it to the priest to take home for his supper.

At home, the mother superior is in the kitchen when the priest walks in and presenting the fish exclaims

“Would you look at the size of this son of a bitch!”

The Mother Superior recoils in horror, but the priest explains again that this is what the fish is called.

They then decide to take it to the Bishop as it is a very fine fish.

At the Bishop’s house they show him the fish and exclaim what a fine son of a bitch this is.

The Bishop goes mad until they manage to calm him down and explain that is the fishes name.

He relents and then takes a look at the fish, exclaims what a glorious son of a bitch it is and that the pope is coming to dinner and they should serve it as the main course.

Pope comes around and they serve up the giant and very tasty fish.

All very proud they take it in turns to share their part in it

The priest boasts “I helped catch the son of a bitch!”

The Mother Superior beams “And I cooked the son of the bitch!”

And the Bishop states “And I thought you should be the person to eat this son of a bitch!”

The pope looks at them all in turn.

Then he leans back in his chair, puts his feet on the table, crosses his arms behind his head and says,

“You know what?


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