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A Young Farm Girl

A young farm girl answers the door and sees an older neighbor there.

Girl: “My father isn’t home, but I know what you want and I can help you.

You want our bull to service your cow.

Well, my father charges one hundred dollars for his best bull.”

Neighbor: “That’s not I want.”

Girl: “We have a young bull who is just starting out.

My father charges fifty dollars for him.”

Neighbor: “That’s not I want.”

Girl: “We have an old bull out in the pasture.

He can still do a job.

My father charges only ten dollars for him.”

Neighbor: “That’s not what I want.

I came here to see your father about your brother.

Your brother Elmer made my daughter pregnant.”

Girl: “Oh. You’ll have to see my father about that because I don’t know what he charges for Elmer.”


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