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Mr. Phillard was laying down on his bed

One day Mr. Phillard was laying down on his bed until his wife screamed, ‘Oww! I’m having labor pains!’

So Mr. Phillard rushed his wife over to the hospital.

As the doctors were prepping his wife Mr. Phillard’s brother Bill arrived at the hospital.

Bill is a little slow in the head if you know what I mean and seems to always bother Mr. Phillard.

So when the doctor called Mr. Phillard in to watch the birth he walked in with pride! But when he saw the blood and everything else, he fainted.

When Mr. Phillard woke up he was in a bed and saw the doctor standing above him.

The doctor said, ‘Mr. Phillard, you are in the recovery room.

Don’t worry, your wife is fine and she had twins.’

Mr. Phillard became tremendously happy.

The doctor also said, ‘They are a boy and a girl!’

Mr. Phillard became immensely happy!!

The doctor continued, ‘Although you were unconscious and your wife as well because of the anesthesia she requested, your brother Bill name the kids.’

Mr. Phillard screamed, ‘What! My brother the idiot! I can’t believe you let him! What did he name them!?’

The doctor replied, ‘Well, he named your daughter Denice’

Mr. Phillard answered, ‘Hey not bad! I underestimated my brother. Well what did he name my son?’

The doctor answered solemnly, ‘He named your son Denephew.’


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