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Roosevelt, Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler are on a plane

Roosevelt, Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler are on a plane.

They want to break the tension amongst the countries,
so they decide to go on a retreat to go skydiving.
While they’re headed to the drop off location, they each start to boast that their country is better.

“My country has the fastest moving army,” claims Hitler. “No one can beat it.”

“Except when they face the wrath of the Motherland,” retorts Stalin. “You pussies can’t even stand the cold.”

“I think we should all agree that America is the real savior here,” says Roosevelt.

“I, uh…. my country…. uhhhhh….” stutters Mussolini.

The boasting continues until they arrive at the drop off point.
“Everyone have their parachutes ready to go?” the pilot says.

Everyone nods.

“Since we all can’t agree on who’s country is the best, let’s make a bet:
whoever can go the farthest without opening their parachute, their country is the best,” Mussolini says.

“Okay,” Roosevelt shrugs, and jumps out the plane. “For America!”

“Shit!” Mussolini says, and jumps out next.

Hitler and Stalin are both standing at the edge.
Neither really wants to jump. “Hey, can I take a look at your parachute real quick?” Hitler asks. “I want to make sure that mine is going to function correctly.”

Stalin takes off his pack and hands it over to Hitler. All of a sudden, Hitler yells, “FOR DEUTSCHLAND!!” and pushes Stalin out of the plane.



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