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Two Buddies were drinking in a bar

Two Buddies were drinking in a bar one night and had became extremely drunk.

One guy was so drunk that he had got sick all over his shirt.

He looks at his buddy and says “My wife is gonna kill me when I get home,this is a brand new shirt! His buddy looks at him and says “don’t worry,just put $20 in your front pocket and tell her that some guy got sick on you and gave you $20 for the cleaning bill.

The guy thinks this is a excellent idea and continues to drink.

He closes the bar down and heads home.

When he arrives and opens the front door his wife is standing there waiting on him.

“just look at you, you drunk bastard! You even got sick all over yourself”.

The man replies “No baby, it inst like that some guy got sick on me and look here he gave me $20 for the cleaning bill.

She pulls the money out of his pocket and counts it and says “Wait one minute there’s $40 here!

20 dollars to the max.

The guy looks at her and says ” Oh yea, he shit in my pants too!


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