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Two Guys Are Standing Outside

Two guys are standing outside…

on their smoke break, they both pull out a cigarette and look at each other.

The first guy looks at the second and says,

“Hey man I forgot my lighter did you bring yours?”

The second guy replies;

“Nah, I forgot mine too”.

They stand there a little bummed out for a minute until one of their coworkers.

Who overheard their conversation walks over, he says;

“Hey guys I heard you need a lighter,

I don’t smoke but I do have a personal genie y’all can use.

He pulls a vase from his pocket, rubs it, and a genie pops out.

The guys look at each other in shock, and their coworker says.

“Wish for anything you want and the genie will grant it.”

The first guy says “I want a million bucks!”

One million ducks suddenly fly overhead.

The guy says;

“You do have to be careful though, my genie is a little hard on hearing”

He hands it off to the guys while he goes back into work to grab his lunch.

The first guy hands it to the other and says.

“I’ll be right back I need to use the bathroom, go ahead and get us a lighter”

A few minutes later he walks back over and says,

“Hey man did you get us a lighter?”

The second guy looks back and says.

“Sure did” as he pulls a lighter from his pocket.


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