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Relationship Jokes

A Man Is Drinking At A Bar

My wife is going to kill me,” he says.

“She told me not to get so drunk that you throw-up on yourself again.”

“Not to worry, mate” his buddy says as he puts $20 in his shirt pocket.

“Tell your wife I did it and gave you $20 for the cleaning.”

When the man gets home, his wife meets him at the door with an angry look on her face.

“You did it again.

You got so drunk you puked on yourself,” she screamed.

“Honey, it wasn’t me” he replied.

“My buddy threw-up on me and he put $20 in my pocket for the cleaning.”

His wife reaches in his pocket and pulls out $40.

“There’s $40 in here” she says.

“Ah, I forgot,” he said.


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