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Relationship Jokes

His Wildest Dream Ever

One night a man has a dream that he died and went to heaven.

He sat next to another man on a bench and began talking.

Before long a beautiful redhead walks by.

“Man, I’d sure like to make love that!”

“This is heaven, just take her behind the white cloud.”

His new friend replied.

So he takes her behind the cloud and has the best lay of his life.

When he gets back to the bench he begins to tell the man all about it.

Then another hot lady walks by.

“Geez, I’d love to bang that!”

“Fine, just take her behind the white cloud.”

He does, and returns back to the bench.

Another ten minutes goes by and another lady walks by.

“Excuse me for a moment, I have to get her!”

“OK, just remember to go behind the white cloud.”

He gets back and sets down.

“This is great! But I really have to take a shit!”

“Go behind the white cloud” the guy replies.

He gets up and does a number.

“What do I wipe with?”

“Just use some of the white cloud” The man yells back.

Morning comes and the guy walks downstairs where his wife has made him breakfast.

“I had the wildest dream last night!” He says to his wife.

“You’re telling me!


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