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Relationship Jokes

Moms Will Be Moms

Moms will be Moms… Doesn’t matter who you are. Here is some Mom talk.

Issac Newton’s mother – “But did you wash the apple before eating it?”

Archimedes’s mother – “Didn’t you have any shame running undressed in the street from? And, WHO is this girl Eureka???”

Thomas Edison’s mother – Of course I am proud that you invented the electric bulb. Now turn it off and get to bed !!!”

Abraham Lincoln’s mother – “Now that you have become President for heaven’s sake get rid of that shabby tailcoat and stovepipe hat, and buy yourself a decent outfit.”

James Watt’s mother – “If you just keep watching that damn lid lifting and dropping, rice will be burnt. Turn off the stove now.”

Alexander Graham Bell’s mother – “You have installed this new silly thing in the house alright, but I do not want girls calling you at odd hours.”

Galileo Galilei’s mother – “What use is seeing that goddamn moon with your telescope if it does not help me to see my mother in Milano.”

Samuel Morse’s mother – “Make sure your school report card doesn’t have only dashes and dots.”

Mona Lisa’s mother – “After all that money your father and I spent on your braces, is that the best smile you can give us ?”

Michelangelo’s mother – “Can’t you paint on walls like other children? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get that stuff off the ceiling ?”

Albert Einstein’s mother – “Can’t you do something about your hair ? Use styling gel or something?”

Bill Gates’s mother – “You keep browsing all day long; watch out if I ever catch you on any adult web-site.”

Danial Fahrenheit’s mother – “Stop playing with boiling water and let me make tea.”

Georg Ohm’s mother – “I don’t like you resisting everything I say.”

Robert Boyle’s mother – “If your volume is really inversely proportional to pressure, you must be having a constipation. Take a laxative.”

Alessandro Volta’s mother – “It is shocking to see you all the while dipping those copper and zinc rods in that beaker.”

Andre Ampere’s mother – `Apart from fooling around all the time shall you ever find time to glance through your current books!”

Socrates’s mother – “If you keep drinking from any cup, it is not necessary that you will also survive like Meera Bai.”

Christopher Columbus’ mother – “I don’t care what you were busy discovering and where, you could still have dropped a two line letter!”

Dedicated to All Mothers, But for Whom The Human Civilization wouldn’t Have Progressed.


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