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Relationship Jokes

Sandra and her husband Jim

Sandra and her husband Jim are expecting a baby in 2 months.

One day Jim comes home from work and asks Sandra, “Why haven’t we had s*x in so long?”

“You know I’m worried it will hurt the baby,” Sandra told him.

“I’ll be really gentle. I promise,” Jim tells her.

Sandra protests but Jim manages to finally convince her that he won’t hurt the baby so they have s*x.

Two months later Sandra gives birth to a baby boy.

When the baby was born he looked at the doctor and says, “Are you my father?”

The doctor shakes his head.

Then to Sandra, “Are you my father?”

“No, I’m your mother,” she tells him.

Finally the baby sees Jim and says, “Are you my father?”

Jim nods.

The baby starts hitting him on the head and says, “How does this feel?”


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