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Neighbors House And Knock On Their Door

He kept talking about the difference between obtuse and acute angles.

He said that the obtuse angles would be really loud,

How he could always overhear them telling stories amongst themselves about partying and drinking.

One story in particular, he said that every time they would play beer pong and one of them got it in,

The other team would have to run over to the neighbors house and knock on their door.

Now this kept going on for weeks and the neighbor got to the breaking point.

Where he threatened to call the police if they didn’t stop that.

Well they thought it was hilarious and kept knocking on the neighbors door.

One time both teams got the ball in the cup and after they all took a shot they decided to all go to the neighbors door.

They knocked on the door, and heard a crash from inside the neighbors house.

And then…

Oh sorry.

I forgot he went on a tangent.


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