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Clean Jokes

Two Boy Nathaniel And Daniel

Two boys, Nathaniel and Daniel, are captured by a madman.

Daniel is sent into a room with a one way window that only Daniel could see through.

On the other side, he saw his friend, Nate, with the madman…

Nate looked very frightened but if they’ve learned anything together during their years of friendship.

Is that they’ll always make it out of bad situations.

The madman finishes talking to Nate and walks out of the room,

Nate adopting a relieved smile on his face.

Then, the madman walks into the room that Daniel is in.

Daniel scoots back into his chair in fright.

“Now I’m not gonna hurt you.”

Says the madman.

“You’re not?

Are you gonna hurt Nathaniel?”

Daniel is literally trembling.

“No.” he pauses.

“You are.”

Daniel, worried for his friend and himself, is presented with a table with a lever and a button.

“This button will allow you to be with your friend.

But trapped in here for a month or you can flip this lever to allow you to escape.

But kill your friend Nate.”

Daniel reluctantly reaches to press the button.

“Ah, the button.

And why did you pick that option?”

“Well…” Daniel says.

“Better Nate than lever.


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