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A Panda Walks In To A Restaurant

A panda walks in to a restaurant.

The panda orders his meal.

And he eats it.

The waiter comes back and hands him the check and walks away.

When the waiter returns to gather the money the check book is empty.

When he looks up at the panda he feels a sharp pain in his chest.

He looks down to see a bullet hole where his left lung should be.

He looks up to see the panda with a gun in his hands then the waiter dies.

Another waiter heard the shot and stops the panda on his way out.

He ask the panda why he shot his co-worker.

The panda responds “look up panda in the dictionary and you’ll see why”?

And with that the panda leaves.

So the second waiter goes home and opens his dictionary to the word panda.

And sure in enough it states:

Panda: eats shoots and leaves.


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