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Relationship Jokes

A Big Red Hair Ring

My daughter just got proposed to by her boyfriend.

She was very sad, though, and called me the morning after.

She asked me to come over, and I did.

When I got there,

I told them congratulations!

He was a good man, albeit a bit weird at times.

I was very excited for the both of them,

Until my daughter pulled me into the other room and showed me her ring.

She was crying.

It was simple; and like I said, my future son-in-law was a tad bit weird.

I squinted at it, and it appeared to be made out of wool, with a beautiful ruby on it.

It was very pretty, for what it was worth,

And I asked my daughter why she was crying about it.

“Don’t you see, dad?

It’s obviously such a big red hair ring.


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