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Relationship Jokes

Boudreaux And Clarence

Boudreaux lived down by the river in deep Louisiana.

On the other side of the river lived a guy named Clarence.

Boudreaux hated Clarence and Clarence hated Boudreaux.

Every day since they were small children,

They’d go down to their river banks and yell at each other across the river.

They never really met each other because neither one could swim and neither one had a boat.

So for years and years, every day, they’d just at each other across the river.

Boudreaux would scream things at Clarence like,

“Imma gonna come they one day and so hard gonna have a sheet nose!”

Clarence would scream back, “yah, you come on  hey and try.

And I gonna face into the ground and make woodan head!”

One day, news spread throughout the bayou that the county was going to build a bridge across the river.

Boudreaux was extremely happy.

In glee, he said to his wife, “Sha, Imma finally gonna get to go that Clarence’s!”

So, for months Boudreaux anxiously waited for the bridge to be completed.

Until one day a neighbor came over and told Boudreaux that the bridge was done!

So he said his wife,

“I’m gonna cross that bridge and Clarence’s ass and be back by suppa!”

And off he went.

Later that evening, Boudreaux came back to his house looking sad.

His wife asked, “did you get to that Clarence’s?”

Boudreaux said, “Nah Sha, never saw him.

I ran away ‘cause it turns out he’s a big, big man.

I mean a really big, big man.

If I gone, he would have whupped me…probably even kiled me.”

Boureaux’s wife then asked,

“How do you know he’s a big man if you never saw him?”

Boudreaux said, “Well,

I got to the bridge and there was a big sign that said;

‘Clearance 12 Feet 6 Inches.


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